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Fundraising Conditions 

It is a condition of Starburst Foundation that you act legally and honestly in your fundraising campaign. The standards below are what is expected of you and the Foundation insist on their conformity

- You and the fundraising materials you use must not mislead anyone 
- For all claims in your fundraising, you must make sure that there is evidence to prove the claim
- You must not take advantage of mistakes made by a donor

- You must tell donors that you are not in a position to offer formal financial advice.
- Your fundraising must meet equality law
- You must take all reasonable steps to treat a donor fairly so that they can make an informed decision

- You must take into account the needs of any donor who may be in vulnerable circumstances 
- You must not exploit the trust, lack of knowledge, apparent need for care and support or vulnerable        circumstance 

- You must not take a donation if you know, or have good reason to believe, that a person lacks
  capacity, or is in vulnerable circumstances to make an informed decision

- If a donor lacks capacity to make an informed decision, you must return the money
- You must take all reasonable steps to avoid regular donations from anyone aged under 18


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